Beautiful and thick hair… it is a dream of many people – men and women. It is possible to make this dream come true – but to reach it you need to take care of you hair every day. Today there are many different shampoos, gels, masks and creams. It is really possible to make your hair beautiful using right products. Except for traditional hair care products there are numerous natural remedies. Using natural remedies is not only affordable and cheap way of taking care of hair but it also gives very good results, you just need to find the right approach.

Before using natural remedies it is necessary to understand what kind of hair you have: normal, oily or dry. For example, to treat brittle hair you may use mask of 1 egg, 1 tea spoon honey and 2 tea spoons of olive oil. Mix everything, put onto your head skin, cover head with a hot towel and leave for 30-40 minutes. Then wash your hear. Such procedure makes your hair manageable and they look beautiful.

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In the end of this article I would like to mention that to make healthy hair it is necessary eat food containing vitamin B, such as fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.